Moonlite Eve The Red Amulet of Ecstacy [ LAST RESTOCK ]

💋A mini magical themed vanilla hentai packed with melanin & love! Featuring my favorite OC couple Aionya & Osiris, from my first hentai, Moonlite Anniversary ( ♥////♥ )

S T O R Y ✦ P L O T

Aionya & Osiris are just wrapping up a Spooky Party for all their friends and family in there new house. While cleaning up Aionya asked Osiris to head to the basement and get storage bins to help put things away. While in the basement, Osiris finds a Red Amulet with an enchantment spell! Thinking it's his wife's, he puts it on and heads back upstairs to help her. From then on the evening gets jam packed with fun & extra loads of steam!


Release date: Oct 2019


(5.5 × 7.69 in )   ✦  30+ Pages  ✦  Fully Colored Love Scenes ✦  Saddle stitched with a soft finished cover

This book is filled with erotic illustrations and is for ADULTS ONLY


♥ Each copy is signed ♡


Moonlite Anniversary / Moonlite Eve © 2020

Moonlite 🎃 Eve ♡ The Red Amulet of Ecstasy